Tom Finney 1950s Football Boots

In the 1950s Tom Finney teamed up with Owen Smith Ltd to design his own football boot for sale to the public.

This original pair features the original labels, which include a quote from Tom Finney on the front endorsing the product, and a 3  point guide (rear of label) on how to take care of your football boots.

The advice includes:

“1. Clean your boots thoroughly immediately after every game.

2. Never dry them quickly in front of a fire or on hot pipes. Leather burns easily when in a wet condition

3. When dry, do not dubbin, use any good shoe polish.

This trouble will repay, when you next play”

The boots are made using Sportox Full Chrome Ox Hide Upper Leather manufactured by Stimson Perkins. Tom Finney’s signature is also featured on the side of the boot in silver. The sole and studs are held in place with a series of small metal pins. Three pins hold in each of the six studs, and 87 pins are used to affix the sole to the base of the boot.


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